“The well, the crack, were always the most literal metaphor for the mysteries of the body and the land, allegories of life, of sex and of death, the earth’s crust as a geological scar on the universe the body and its most intimate mysteries are inscribed on.  Body and landscape rush ahead in Cristina Iglesias’ work, in new in visions like the lines of a text”

João Fernandes, 2015

Impresiones: Cristina Iglesias

Vers la terre, 2015


Pozo III (Variation 2), 2011

Bronze powder, polyester resin, stone, water and hydraulic mechanism

Marian Goodman Gallery New York

Video: Taka Studio

Pozo VIII, 2014

Ceramic, stone, water and hydraulic mechanism

On Reality, Ivorypress, Madrid

Video: Ivorypress

Pozo XII (Desde Dentro), 2016. Detail

Bronze, stone, water and hydraulic mechanism

The Feuerle Collection, Berlin

Photo: Attilio Maranzano



Drawings and sketches