Set just below the level of the square, the pool appeared like a vertiginous, dark mirror in which the Royal Museum of Fine Arts, the streetlamps, and the moon were reflected. Entranced by the slowly moving water -its passage from the inside out and from the outside in through the nymphae- by the fountain’s mesmerizing mechanics of fluids, I wandered in the dream source…”

Catherine de Zegher, 2008

Cristina Iglesias: This Fountain Which Is Not One

Forgotten Streams, 2017

Bloomberg Headquarters, London 

Photo: Thierry Bal

Desde lo Subterráneo, 2017

Centro Botín, Santander 

Photo: Luis Asín

Deep Fountain (Diepe Fontein), 1997-2006

Leopold de Waelplaats, Antwerp 

Photo: Kristien Daem

Tres Aguas, 2014

Town Hall Square, Toledo

Photo: Attilio Maranzano

El Fuir de la Tierra, 2015


Photo: Luis Asín