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Cristina Iglesias | Imprint and Reflections — Cristina Iglesias

Imprint and Reflections

Reflections, like echoes, can never be separated from their origin. In fact, reflections, like echoes, are the first record of the instant, the reproduction of a moment that they will always be the first memory of. Reflections are probably the first image we discover of out presence in the world and we would never be able to interpret them if we did not structure them in images

João Fernandes

The Machine of Entangling Landscapes

Beirut Souk Shadow II, 2011

Monotype III (5 Variations), 2011

Polyptych VII, 2002.

Polyptych VIII, 2003

Polyptych IV, 1999

Polyptych II, 1999

Polyptych III, 1999

Fuga a 6 voces, 2007, installation view at Fondazione Arnaldo Pomodoro, Milano

Fuga a 6 Voces (Dyptych II), 2007

Fuga a 6 Voces (Dyptych VI), 2007

Untitled, (Studios), 2010

Study I (Gold), 2015.

Study II (Silver), 2015.

Untitled (Minneapolis), 2000

Untitled (Minneapolis), 2000

Untitled (Minneapolis), 2000

Untitled (Minneapolis), 2000